As bridal fashion week is coming to a close, we are getting inspired by the upcoming 2018 designs! Here is the top 10 wedding dress trends  you can expect to see in 2018 collections:

1.Juxtaposition- When two contrasting elements come together on a dress, magic happens. Having statement details will be sure to give you a one-of-a-kind wedding dress. Our favorite gowns with juxtaposition are mixing lace and beading, soft bodice with fun and flirty skirt, and mixed fabrics.

2. Rococo- Kiss your standard floral lace goodbye and make room for Rococo lace! This type of lace holds a style of architecture and decoration that originated in France in the early 18th century. Rococo is elaborate but graceful; light, and often contains asymmetrical motifs. While this style of lace isn’t new in the bridal industry, you’ll see the rococo lace having a stronger presence in the 2018 designs.

3. Soft and airy- Not a fan of heavy fabrics and full beads on your wedding gown? You’re in luck! Expect to see many soft and airy designs. These gowns are ideal for a light weight outdoor wedding or perfect for the bride that wants an ethereal gown.

4. Relaxed fullness- We are seeing a big comeback in a-line and ballgowns in the recent years. If you’re wanting to stay on trend and the “grand” ballgown isn’t your bridal style, trying opting for a gown with relaxed fullness. You get the best of both worlds with effortless style and timeless romance.

5. Sparkle and shine- Dazzling rhinestones and twinkling sequins are taking the stage in 2018. We are loving gowns with sparkling layers that catch the light and make you shine brighter than diamonds! You’ll be sure to feel like a glamorous movie star and make jaws drop with these amazing details.

6. Strappy back- Back detail is a must-have in trending wedding dresses. Expect to see a lot of strappy details in upcoming designs! Strappy backs are perfect for the bride that wants an open back, but with the secure feeling of having a filled back or straps. You won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort with these dresses. You’ll be able to have a unique and delicate pattern on your back for your guests to gaze at during your nuptials.

Strappy backs are very easy to add to any dress to create a custom look.


7. Sheerness- For the bride that is looking for a unique “edge” to her wedding gown, adding sheerness to the gown will be sure to make things POP. There are many ways to do this, our favorites are a sheer bodice and sheer back.

8. V-Neck- There are many necklines to compliment every brides personal style. V-neck happens to outshine the rest! We love v-neck because of the versatility it has, you can have thin straps, thick straps, plunging v-neck, or not! There is a v-neck fit for every bridal style.

9.Shoulder Focus- Redefined halters are one of the biggest trends for 2018. We are loving the high necklines with exposed shoulder. Jewels, lace, or crepe, you can have it all!

10. Long sleeves-There has definitely been a huge influx of long sleeve wedding dresses flowing through Pinterest and the best part is, there are no signs of that slowing down! Long sleeves can be a beautiful and elegant way to complete your wedding gown. Whether its illusion sleeves or full lace, long sleeves or 3/4 length, you can turn any basic gown into something truly special.