The inspiration for this San Francisco Bay elopement all began with a simple, brown box. Each year, several of these brown boxes arrive at The White Dress from our designers for tester trunk shows. Martina Liana sent this particular box, which contained one Mikado and tulle mermaid gown, one satin ballgown, and several beaded fit-and-flares.

Felisha, the store manager of The White Dress, opened this box and pulled out the mermaid gown and said, “This is either the ugliest gown I’ve ever seen or it’s my wedding dress.”

This statement was peculiar for a couple reasons, but above all, because Felisha wasn’t engaged yet. Nevertheless, Felisha decided to try on the gown, “just to see.”

Lo and behold, it was the one! No ring, no problem. The gown was absolutely perfect. The beaded bodice was luxurious, while the tulle skirt seemed to give off a sense of effortless elegance.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to meet Felisha, you will know that she is a woman who tirelessly goes after what she wants and she only wants the best. This quality makes her an incredible store manager, because she goes to great lengths to ensure her employees and her brides are treated to the highest standards. It also makes her the type of woman who went ahead and bought her dream dress before a wedding was even in the works. She went ahead and purchased the tester gown, knowing she might never see the dress again if she didn’t.

Several months later, Felisha was on her way to Las Vegas with her boyfriend, Rob. Turns out Rob had a surprise up his sleeve, too. Well, a surprise might be a stretch. Right before the couple departed for the airport, Felisha and our Senior Stylist, Kelly, raided Rob’s suitcase. They were searching for one thing: a ring that Felisha designed herself, of course.

They found what they were looking for. The gorgeous, pear shaped diamond was nestled in his suitcase.

The couple was engaged at the top of the High Roller in Las Vegas, and decided to keep the adventure going by eloping to the San Francisco Bay. The relaxed ceremony was held in the grand opulence of San Francisco’s City Hall. Only the bride and groom’s closest family members were present, including Felisha’s precious daughter, Rylee.

Felisha and Rob’s wedding day is a perfect reflection of the life they’ve chosen to build with one another. While they both appreciate the finer things in life, their ultimate foundation is family and love for each other.

Congratulations, Felisha and Rob!