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Matt & Amanda

Store Owners

The White Dress is a family-owned, family oriented business started by husband and wife team Matthew and Amanda Schmalz. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, the couple lived in California for 10 years so Amanda could study Product Development at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and pursue her dream of working in the fashion industry. Upon graduation, Amanda worked styling guests on the Dr. Phil Show before she began pursuing her passion for bridal. She started with smaller boutiques and then landed a job as Regional Store Manager for a bridal company based in Beverly Hills. In the course of her 6 years with this company she opened and managed four locations throughout the United States. During this time her passion for beautiful gowns, assisting brides in choosing the perfect dress, and training new staff to provide excellent customer service was what drove her to succeed in this fun and exciting industry.

In July of 2014 Matthew and Amanda decided it was time to leave California and move back to the Pacific Northwest to be near family. Taking Amanda’s experience and Matthew’s attention to detail, they decided to open The White Dress in downtown Portland, Oregon. Amanda’s vision when opening The White Dress when the store opened was to have this special experience regardless of budget. It was important that the boutique would provide the same experience for brides with a budget of under $1,000 as brides with a budget of $10,000. Her main emphasis was making the store beautiful, welcoming and unique so that it was a special place to come for the perfect dress; all budgets, all sizes.


Matthew and Amanda have worked hard to create a unique environment to ensure that every bride feels exceptional when they are shopping for their special day. They provide comfortable private bridal suites, a welcoming and knowledgeable staff, and a showroom featuring closets full of beautiful gowns. When Amanda and Matthew first came to the space there was nothing, just a big, empty space. They built and designed this boutique from the ground up, from the plumbing to the chandeliers. It was all built to support Amanda’s vision.

We opened January 9, 2015. Our vision hasn’t changed, it’s only grown. Amanda has held to her original dream and The White Dress has now helped thousands of brides find their dream dress. Amanda has stayed with the designers she started with and has cultivated special relationships with them. We’ve expanded both our square footage and our inventory. Beginning with three bridal suites, we now have five supporting both small and larger bridal parties. We started with 70 dresses in our inventory and have expanded to over 300 dresses.

Amanda and Matthew’s family has grown with the White Dress, their son Calvin is now 3!

Seven years after opening, we welcome you to come in and experience for yourself our attention to detail, passion for the latest in bridal fashion and high standards of providing brides with a once in a lifetime gown shopping experience for yourself!


Do I need an appointment to try on dresses?

Appointments are recommended, but we do accept walk ins if there is a bridal suite and a stylist available to help you. We do offer private bridal suites, so we recommend that you make an appointment to ensure you can try on dresses.

How many people can I bring with me to my appointment?

You are encouraged to bring as many family and friends to your appointment as you would like. Our brides say that they prefer to bring at least one person with them to be a part of this special experience. We recommend no more than 5 guests for a more personal and enjoyable experience.

What is the price range of your dresses?

At The White Dress, we have a dress for every bride no matter what the budget. We offer dresses ranging from $800-$5,000. Our easy to read Pricing Guide will help you while browsing the Dress Gallery on our website.

Do you carry plus size dresses?

Yes! We have a beautiful variety of plus size dresses.

Do I get to pick the dresses I try or will my stylist pick them for me?

Yes! You get to pick out the dresses you will try! Looking through the gown closets at The White Dress is the best part of the gown shopping experience! You will also have your own personal and knowledgeable bridal stylist that will help you with your gown selection and suggest styles for you to try. Don’t be afraid to try something suggested to you that you never would have picked yourself. You never know…It could be THE ONE!

Should I bring anything with me to my appointment?

We suggest you bring a strapless bra and shoes with the same heel height that you plan to wear on your wedding day. These heels can be used during the measuring process. If you do not have shoes, we can provide you with a pair during measurements.

Should I bring anything with me to my appointment?

We suggest you bring a strapless bra and shoes with the same heel height that you plan to wear on your wedding day. These heels can be used during the measuring process. If you do not have shoes, we can provide you with a pair during measurements.

Meet Our Stylists


Store Manager & Senior Bridal Stylist


What do you love most about being a Bridal Stylist?

I’m going on 5 years of being in bridal. So, it’s easy to say that I love what I do. Creating genuine friendships and relationships with my brides it definitely my favorite part of being a stylist. Of course, getting to work with some of the most gorgeous wedding gowns on the market is also a great perk of being a stylist. But honestly, the relationships I get to build with my brides during our appointments together is so special. It’s one of the most memorable shopping experiences you have in your life. You always have the people who love you the most with you, and there is always so much joy around being able to say yes. The fact that I get to be a part of these huge life moments with so many brides is so incredible, and I definitely don’t take it lightly. Your brides really have to trust you in order for them to allow you to take care of such a big purchase. Nothing will ever top the moment of a bride lighting up in her dress when she realizes it’s the one.

Describe a memorable moment with a bride:

To only pick one moment is a little unfair! I really do remember every bride I have ever said YES with me. I’m going to cheat a little and talk about a couple of my brides. I have recently had two different brides come in to the store and say yes to the very first dress I put them in. Everyone always tells you that when you put the perfect dress on you will instantly know it. Both these girls did exactly that. We didn’t even need to put any other dresses on they both just instantly knew from the second that they walked out in the dress that, that was the dress they were going to walk down the aisle in. Although it’s not super common to be one and done when it comes to your wedding dress, I always tell my brides to trust their gut. It doesn’t matter if you only try on one dress or ten dresses when you put that perfect one on, you’ll know. It can be scary to commit to your dress especially when it’s the one and only you’ve tried on, but nothing will ever come close to that first moment when you see yourself as a bride in your wedding dress.

Describe your personal style:

As a girl who was born and raised in the Pacific North West, I feel like my style directly reflects that vibe. There is no outfit I love more in the world than a pair of super distress jeans, some sort of fun or funny graphic tee, and a hat! If you ever see me outside of work, I would bet you that I have a hat on. Whether it’s a broad brimmed hat, or a baseball hat, I just feel like a hat always just completes my outfit. Top my look off with a pair of toms or classic black and white converse and I’m out the door. I always want to be ready for any adventure that comes my way

Our Customers love Natalie! Read their testimonials below:

“If you are looking for your dream dress like I was, I would highly recommend The White Dress. My consultant Natalie was a joy to work with. I showed her one picture of what I was looking for and ended up getting my dream dress on the spot. She was so sweet and awesome through the whole process and made it enjoyable through every moment. So grateful for a smooth appointment with Natalie and can’t wait to come back to get my dress :)”


Senior Bridal Stylist


What do you love most about being a Bridal Stylist?

There’s really so much to love about working in bridal. We obviously have so much fun playing around with all the beautiful dresses. But truly my favorite part is the mini journey I get to go on with my brides. When I’m in an appointment with them we’re not only figuring out together what she’s going to fall in love with, but I also get to know them personally and make a connection with my girls. You get to meet brides of every kind and it makes you appreciate how amazing and beautiful women are, what makes them unique yet what similarities we all share. And my journey with them doesn’t just end with that magical moment when they say yes! As their personal stylist I’m taking care of the whole process for them. Working with the designers to order their dress just as promised, monitoring the production to ensure it comes perfectly and on time, and when it does arrive, I personally inspect it to make sure it’s perfect! Once the bride’s dress is in I get to see them again and send them home with their dream gown. You really get to be the one who realizes that whole process as a personal stylist and I feel so personally connected to each gown by the time the bride takes it home! And truly there’s nothing better than watching our brides light up when they’re in the dress that they’ll be saying “I do.” in. It’s a wonderful and joyful moment!

Describe a memorable moment with a bride:

One moment I particularly loved with a bride was an appointment I had in mid-summer. My bride came in after a recent weight loss and I could tell she didn’t realize yet how bangin she looked in all the gowns she tried! We genuinely put on most of the fitted gowns in the store and she just had no favorites. She definitely was very specific about the details and needed her confidence built up. Typically brides can find the perfect dress in under ten dresses but we had to have tried at least thirty-five! It was so sad, you could tell that she was so ready to find the one that day but by the end of the appointment she was feeling defeated. That’s when I totally switched gears, and ran around the store and gathered some wild cards. Using a few different dresses, I helped her put together a stunning custom gown. We took a little of everything she loved and felt beautiful in and designed her the perfect dress! She was crying happy tears and all our hard work was worth it! I was happy to get to flex my creative muscles and send her home to celebrate feeling gorgeous! And her dress has truly become one of my absolute favorite custom gowns ever, she’s too beautiful in it!

Describe your personal style:

Oh gosh, where do I even begin. I think the only over-arching them of my style is that I’m never what anyone would call a “casual dresser” and it’s ever evolving. My parents can attest to the fact that I have always loved dressing up my entire life! From my toddler years up, fashion has always been one of my greatest joys. I was always an artsy kid growing up and that’s always shone through in my style. I think that fashion is one of our greatest forms of expression and creativity. It would be so hard for me to pick a particular style because it really does depend on my mood and what I’m doing that day. Sometimes I go boho, minimalist, preppy, ultra feminine, edgy, or eclectic; it changes all the time! I’m obsessed with textures and bold colors and patterns and just love to throw together outfits that tell a little story!

Our Customers love Genna! Read their testimonials below:

“I could not be happier with my experience at The White Dress! I went to 3 different bridal boutiques in one day and none compared to my experience here. My group and I felt immediately welcomed and were greeted with champagne! We had our own suite where the 7 of us had plenty of space and were separate from the other groups. My bridal stylist Genna was an absolute babe! She was such a sweetheart and made me feel comfortable and wasn’t pushy at all. I highly recommend her and am so grateful she was my stylist! She helped me find my dream dress and was a huge part in making this experience a special one that I’ll never forget.” – Bailey T.

My stylist at The White Dress was Genna and she was so sweet and helpful! She actually picked out my wedding dress! I said I wasn’t interested in a certain style of wedding dresses, but she suggested I try one on from the bohemian style and I ended up loving it!! Genna was in the room helping me put the wedding dresses on and made me feel comfortable and pretty before I left the changing room to show my guests my dresses. I had a great experience and would recommend Genna and The White Dress to anyone looking for a gorgeous wedding dress and a lovely experience!” – Oksana K.


Bridal Stylist


What do you love most about being a Bridal Stylist?

 A wedding dress holds so much sentimental value that it becomes precious, and I love getting to interact with brides and their families as they look for that precious object. I remember watching wedding scenes in movies or tv shows when I was little, and there was something so magical about getting to see a bride in her wedding dress. Finding the dress is part of that magic, especially when they can share the moment with the people they most want to share it with. I feel so happy getting to meet all of them and share the joy when the bride has her moment. All of the laughter and smiles they give each other, all of the stories they re-tell about how they met and fell in love, and getting to see how special the shared moment is for the bride and her family are all reasons I love being a stylist here and feel so grateful to our brides!

Describe a memorable moment with a bride:

I remember a bride that was so surprised by her dress that there was a visible look of shock. She had come in with her friends to look for her dress and I was lucky enough to be able to help her. She had already tried on a few dresses by that point and came out with smiles in them, enjoying the process of finding what she was looking for. I put her in a ballgown we pulled to try out the shape. She came out and stopped, staring at herself in the mirror in silence. Her friends noticed that and said that she didn’t look as happy in that dress as any of the others so why consider it? I gave her a second to think about how she felt in it. She eventually answered, “I think I’m just confused… because I think.. I love it.” She had really liked the dresses prior, but the word “love” had yet to come up until that moment, so it was definitely something special. We moved into the other mirror to see it in different lighting, at different angles, and her smile grew bigger and bigger. She could not stop twirling and dancing in it! Her friends agreed that this one was a special one based on her reaction. I felt so happy watching her have her moment! The bride wasn’t expecting to love a ballgown and she didn’t expect to find a dress that made her feel that way. But it really highlighted that if you find a dress you love, that’s what matters and it’s not something to miss out on! She was so sweet and I had so much fun helping her find the one!

Describe your personal style:

I tend to lean toward classic, clean styles with a soft and romantic twist! I love a good ruffle, bow, or floral lace element on an otherwise simpler style. I grew up going through my mom’s closet of dressy work clothes and stilettos, and it definitely inspired my fashion tastes today. I love dressing up, so I’m often a bit on the formal side with my outfits. When going out, I’ll throw on a dress or skirt, a pair of dangle earrings, a trusty pair of heels, and I’m good to go!

Our Customers love Jenna! Read their testimonials below:

“I found a beautiful, beautiful wedding dress here and it was a wonderful experience! Jen was my bridal stylist and she made me feel absolutely gorgeous in every dress I tried on. She was very knowledgeable on the dresses, styles, and questions that I had. She also kept my budget in mind. Jen was so sweet and even asked me questions about my fiancé. I would absolutely recommend The White Dress to anyone in need of finding a dress. So many dress options, champagne, and a friendly staff! 🥂” – Brooke Pollard, Google Reviews

“I was very happy to go to the salon and try on dresses and pick the magical one. Jen helped me to pick the dress, she was very kind, nice and patient with me. She created an awesome atmosphere there, i felt good and relaxed. I can’t wait to go back there and pick up my dress and to say again a big thank you to Jen for her great job!” – Catalina Burciu, Google Reviews

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