It’s all in the details: Wedding Gowns with Unique Backs

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One of today’s major trend brides are searching for at The White Dress is unique back details, and for good reason! The back can be a very feminine part of the body to show off. A low back wedding gown is a classy way to show some skin without revealing too much. Whether you’re playing on the romantic side or the sultry side, bearing your back can be an incredible statement to make. After all, your back is turned to your guests the majority of the ceremony, might as well give them something to look at!

Things to consider when choosing a statement dress:
Hairstyles: We recommend wearing your hair in an up-do or to the side so there is no hiding the details of your back.
Undergarments: You’ll have to forgo a bra, but have no fear, a seamstress can sew in cups so you don’t have to sacrifice support or comfort.
Tan lines: If you’re going to be in the sun before the wedding, be sure to watch for tan lines from bathing suits or tank tops. Spray tans can definitely help even lines out if it’s close to the big day.

Here are some examples of how you can make a statement with the back of your dress:

Illusion backs:
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Low backs:
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Lace backs:
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Keyhole backs:

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