Finding the Right Shoe For Your Wedding Day.

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Uncategorized

Let’s talk about shoes.
Wedding day footwear can play a huge role in completing your perfect bridal look. With so many directions to choose from we’ve complied a list of reminders to consider when choosing your perfect wedding day shoe.

1. Add personality! Whatever your personality is, there is a fabulous shoe to match. You can go glam, vintage, funky, or classic. Choosing to incorporate style and color will make for great photo’s that will be a direct reflection of you. Add pops of blue, or personal initials to remember the big day in a custom way.

2. Heels anyone? If you are planning on wearing heels on your wedding day and you don’t normally wear heels, you might want to reconsider taking on that feat. Since brides are typically standing 95% of the day walking and greeting people, you want to be in a comfortable height that you can walk gracefully in and not kill your pedicure. Still uncomfortable? flat shoes might be the way to go for you.

3. Put your best foot forward: If you are still unsure about the height and style, consider a bridal wedge or chunky heel. This provides a stable platform for walking and standing. If you can’t find any comfort shoes that you like, you might want to have a back up pair to change into for the reception. Typically dresses are long enough that no one will see the swap.

4. Plan ahead: if you know your venue and what height you want to wear, commit and bring your shoes to your dress appointment! Most designers do a custom hem which will save you hassle of getting your dress hemmed to the proper length afterwards. With the only requirement of committing to a heel height, custom hem can save the stress of having a dress be too long.

5. Coordinate with your girls: A fun idea to spice up the photos of your nuptials is having your bridesmaids find shoes that match their personality as well! Everyone will be comfortable and they will thank you for not making them wear ankle breaking footwear. Choose a color for them to match and allow them to have some creative freedom. You’ll notice how happy they are from the great dance moves and fun pictures.