Incorporating the Pacific Northwest in your Wedding

by | Jun 4, 2017 | Uncategorized

You’ve decided you want to incorporate the beautiful Pacific Northwest in your wedding theme, but how?! Whether you are saying I DO right here in the PNW or anywhere in the world, these tips will help you plan the perfect PNW themed wedding!

1. Forested Venues

The first step is choosing the right venue, nothing screams Pacific Northwest more than an enchanted forest setting! Forest weddings are whimsical and full of fantasy! The PNW offers a ton of gorgeous greenery that is beautiful on its own, try choosing a venue set back in the forest with lots of trees, or maybe even a waterfall! You want the background and overall setting to be as natural as possible! Your guests will feel in touch with nature in such a private enchanted setting!

2. The Dress


Your next step will be finding the perfect gown for your big day! This will set the tone for the wedding and everything will begin to fall into place. Comfort is key when choosing your dress, remember you will be wearing it all night! Go for something lightweight and flowy this will allow for easy movement, especially if your venue is set in a large forested area! Off white wedding gowns are really trendy right now throughout the PNW, try choosing something champagne or moscato toned, these colors make for a whimsical look and fit in a setting filled with natural greenery. Lace is also very popular among PNW brides, trying finding a gown with an intricate crochet lace pattern!

This moscato a-line gown features swirls of Ivory rococo lace and romantic cap sleeves! This Stella York gown features a stunning illusion back that buttons up and its fabric material gives it that lightweight and airy feeling.

This blush toned gown from the Kitty Chen Ivoire line features gorgeous illusion long sleeves covered in white sequin beading that just sparkles so subtly when the light catches it. Its topped with a crystal beaded belt for an accented waist line!

This two piece Mikaella crepe gown is simple and sleek! It features a high neck lace bolero with fabric buttons, this dress is perfect if you are searching for something simple, less is more!

3. Food Trucks


When you think of the PNW and all of the local delicious food it has to offer where do you think to eat first? FOOD TRUCKS! That’s right I said it, your guests will be fully satisfied with some of the best food trucks the PNW has to offer! Its the perfect way for your out of town guests to experience a taste of the PNW! Its simple, fun and the best part is food trucks travel! Choose a couple of your favorite food trucks if you cant decide on just one, this will give your guests a variety to choose from! Remember to keep it simple, pizza and street tacos are just a couple of simple examples your guests will love! Maybe even try adding a food truck that offers donuts or ice cream for dessert!

4. Flowers Flowers and More Flowers…


Flowers are a must have for any PNW themed wedding! You can never have too many flowers, flowers in your hair, flowers on your cake even flowers hanging from flowers! So why not choose a few of your favorites, this way you aren’t just limited to one kind of flower and can mix and match through the entire wedding! In addition to the flowers you will also want to incorporate a lot of greenery such as eucalyptus or ivy, this will make for a more organic and natural feeling, then try tying in some lavender or baby’s-breath for a softer look and for a more non-traditional twist, try adding in some succulents or pine cones!

5. Naked Cakes


Naked cakes are a hot trend in the PNW today! Unfinished frosting can give off that rustic feeling (who needs all those calories anyways) and the more simple the cake is the more decor you can add to it such as flowers or fruit!

6. Organic and Neutral Tones


Keep your color palette simple and minimal. Try to pick tones you would find outdoors such as, sage and lavender then mix in some nude tones for a contrast such as champagne or blush!

7. Mismatched Decor


Mismatched decor is quite trendy right now in the PNW, who said everything had to match anyways? Try mix and matching your dishes with different floral patterns or maybe even different chairs and tables, this could be stuff you might already have lying around in your storage or items you can find at a thrift store! Not everything has to match and not everything has to be new, it gives off a more rustic vibe this way!

8. Rain


Rain is a good thing, it’s what keeps the PNW so luscious and green! Your biggest fear is probably that it will rain on your wedding day especially in the PNW where it rains year round, there is no telling what the weather will do on you big day! But don’t fear the rain, embrace it, its apart of the PNW vibe and the rain can be managed as long as you are prepared for it! Try incorporating a see through tent, this way you and your guests can still enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and still stay dry! You can also use umbrellas that match your theme and colored rain-boots are always fun!