Stephanie Mai

Our newest designer here at the White Dress is a local atelier designer and we’re beyond excited to bring her beautiful designs to our brides! We wanted to give you an opportunity to meet this incredible woman.

Stephanie’s mother was a seamstress, and Stephanie used to stay up late at night watching her mother create and sew dresses for her clients. Stephanie used to collect the fabric scraps to hand sew doll clothes. She always knew her artistry and creativity would lead her to a career in fashion. Stephanie pursued her passion by attending the Art Institute College and earning her BA in apparel design; in 2008 she established her couture house. After years of designing custom bridal and evening wear for private clients, Stephanie launched her signature line in 2010.

Stephanie’s design aesthetic is known for its bold, sexy and modern fit. She incorporates feminine details with delicate laces, with an emphasis on lightness and comfort. Stephanie designs dress she loves to wear herself.

Stephanie personally oversees the entire process from beginning to end in her atelier boutique. She handles all the designing, and each dress is handcrafted with specific attention to quality of materials and utmost attention to details for the silhouettes Stephanie crafts to flatter every shape.

For Stephanie, bridal and evening design is the culmination of a lifelong love affair with fashion. A deep passion for creating designs and silhouettes that, “…help women love their body, embrace their beauty, and feel confident in their own skin”. -win

Here’s a little Q&A that we had with Stephanie:

– What drew you originally to bridal?

After launching my collection of elegant gowns on the runway, I received many inquiries for custom design bridal gowns from private clients. I’ve learned so much throughout the course of designing for my brides. As I continued into the designing process, I fell in love with the details, the delicate fabrics & the process of being able to create various forms & silhouettes of a bridal gown. 

– Tell me about the brides you design for.

My brides appreciate quality over quantity.  She knows exactly what she wants in her style.  She’s confident, intellectual, sophisticated & elegant.  She pursues and enjoys the best of things in life, & traveling. She has the desire to always look her best.  She’s daring and confident in her own skin.

– What makes your designs unique?

My designs include various silhouettes of a modern fit that incorporates soft delicate lace & feminine details. Every style is designed to fit with perfection, with an emphasis on lightness and comfortability.  We hand sew every lace & and each structure of beading into the dress within our Atelier here in Portland.

– Where do you pull inspiration for your designs?

My inspirations can come from various things such as new fabric, textures, shapes & forms of various art subjects and silhouettes of women’s figures. Other inspirations are from elements such as lace & beading, beautiful dress designs & silhouettes of the past.