Matt & Amanda

Store Owners

The White Dress is owned by husband and wife team Matthew and Amanda Schmalz. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, the couple moved to California for 10 years so Amanda could study Product Development at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and pursue her passion in the bridal industry. Upon graduation Amanda worked styling on the Dr. Phil Show before she started her career in bridal. Her career in bridal started with smaller boutiques before landing a job as Regional Store Manager for a national bridal company located in Beverly Hills. Throughout her 6 years with this company she opened and managed four locations throughout the United States. During this time her passion for beautiful dresses, assisting brides in choosing the perfect dress, and training new staff to provide excellent customer service was what drove her to succeed in this fun and exciting industry. In July of 2014 Matthew and Amanda decided it was time to leave California and move back to the Pacific Northwest to be near family. Taking Amanda’s attention to detail, passion for the latest in bridal fashion and high standards of providing brides with a once in a lifetime gown shopping experience, they decided to open The White Dress in downtown Portland, Oregon. Matthew and Amanda have worked hard to create a unique environment to ensure that every bride feels exceptional when they are shopping for their special day. They provide comfortable private bridal suites, a welcoming and knowledgeable staff, and a showroom featuring closets full of beautiful gowns. It is what every bride dreams of when shopping for their gown!


Store Manager, Senior Bridal Stylist

What do you love most about being a Bridal Stylist?
There are so many things I love about being a Bridal Stylist. Everything from hearing the stories of how they met to the details of their special day. However, I would have to say the thing that what I love most is of course helping a bride find her dream dress! Every bride is so different and looking for different things in their gown, helping them find a dress that has everything they ever wanted and makes them feel beautiful is truly a pleasure. There is nothing like being a part of that moment with a bride and her loved ones when she says “yes! This is my dress!!!” Its incredibly special and a once in a lifetime experience.

Describe a memorable moment with a bride:
This has to be the most impossible question a stylist has ever been asked. There are so many incredible moments that I have shared with brides, however I think that the one bride that stands out to me the most is a recent bride. She had looked at many stores and was having no luck. She came to me feeling stressed out and defeated, with her wedding coming quickly and just having a baby she felt like she was never going to find the perfect dress. Once she got here I made sure to just keep her calm and help her remember that we can get a dress for her. Together we pulled several dresses that had elements she knew she loved and together we found her a dress that made her beautiful and that was in her budget! She cried and hugged me after taking pictures with her mom and son, thanking me for helping her. It was a great moment for me being able to help someone out and making them feel beautiful and loved for their wedding day!

Describe your personal style:
It is hard to pin point my style, I like to dress to my mood. Typically going with earth tones I would say my style is urban with a touch of modern edge and glamour. I believe every outfit can be dressed up with the right statement necklace or earrings. Most importantly I just like to feel comfortable and like myself in whatever outfit and style I choose that day whether it be glamorous and fun or urban and down to earth.


Senior Bridal Stylist

About Shayla:
I’m a recent graduate of the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) where I received my bachelors in Applied Economics, Business and Society. When I’m not exploring local boutique’s or thrift stores, you’ll probably find me on the trails exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I love spending my time on-the-go with friends and family finding adventure and creating memories.

What do you love most about being a Bridal Stylist?
I have the best job ever! I love being apart of the excitement and the joy of wedding planning. It’s so rewarding to witness a brides’ vision come to life.
What I love most is being able to meet people from all walks of life and to hear their love stories.

Describe a memorable moment with a bride:
This is probably the most difficult question of all. One memorable moment was with a bride who came to her appointment where she was greeted with flowers and her engagement ring that her fiancé sent to the store for her. It was such a sweet moment, an incredible surprise. As I got to know her, she mentioned they’ve been together for almost 8 years! It was awesome to hear that after all that time he continues to surprise her every single day, which according to her is not an exaggeration. It was really touching to hear about the sweet bond they share, a genuine love. I had such a fun time hanging out with her and her entourage. She ultimately found the perfect dress that swept the room with tears and it was the perfect end to the day. Moments like these make me very grateful to work in this industry

Describe your personal style:
My personal style changes day-to-day. I tend to gravitate to relaxed and effortless pieces. Whether its classy, funky or a little boho style; I love dressing up with fun jewelry pieces, and of course, a pop of lip color.

Our customers love Shayla! Read their testimonials below:

“I was dreading finding the right dress (as many brides often do). I had been to two other places and this one finally had the atmosphere that I had been looking for in a convenient downtown location without the pushy sales people or cattle-call feel I had elsewhere. Shayla at The White Dress made this process painless and exciting. She was great at keeping me on track and remembering the points I had told her in the beginning when I tried to stray and we ended up with exactly what I had been wanting. She followed up with one of the sweetest thank you cards I have ever received in my life and kept on top of the ordering process for me. Everything came in right on time, despite my not having given as much time as many vendors expect in this industry. I would recommend Shayla and The White Dress to anyone looking for a wedding dress in Portland or who could easily make it here. One thing that would have been neat is a Polaroid or digital picture taken by them with the cute sign they have. Still 5 stars!”

“I had a wonderful experience at The White Dress! Shayla was my consultant and was very sweet and helpful. I had a large entourage and everyone at The White Dress was inviting and welcoming. I tried on quite a few dresses, and kept noticing this gorgeous Stella York dress on the hanger. Finally it was time to try it on and I knew instantly that it was ‘the one.’ Turns out, my consultant Shayla had listened to what I wanted/didn’t want and considered my budget and picked that dress for me! She even helped pick accessories that complimented the dress – but didn’t overpower or compete with it. I felt that The White Dress has a wonderful variety and selection of dresses to suit different styles and budgets.”


Senior Bridal Stylist, Assistant Manager

About Krystle:
I am new to the Portland area, I was born and raised in South Florida and lived there most of my life. My boyfriend and I lived in Las Vegas for 2 years before making the move to Oregon. I love to cook/bake but refuse to follow recipes, instead I put my own twist on things! I really enjoy hiking outdoors, and traveling to new places.

What do you love most about being a Bridal Stylist?
This job is so rewarding! There are so many wonderful things about working with brides. It is such a pleasant atmosphere where everyone is happy and excited! Helping a bride have that moment when she finds her dress is such a gratifying experience. It makes me feel special to be such a big part of helping them choose the beautiful dress they will remember in pictures for years to come.

Describe a memorable moment with a bride:
I recently had a bride who came to our store for her first time trying on dresses. She was worried she wouldn’t find anything she liked. She showed me a few pictures at the beginning of the appointment and we pulled a few different styles to try. The first one we tried was the one I pulled for her based on what she described her style was for her beach wedding. She instantly fell in love with it. We tried a few more just to make sure that nothing compared, and of course they didn’t because that first dress had everything she wanted. When we went back and re tried it, she knew it was the one and thanked me so many times because if I hadn’t pulled it she might not have tried it on. We built a great relationship during the appointment, and she had a great experience here overall! After purchasing the dress, she asked if she could take a picture with me to add to the memories of the wonderful experience she had, and that definitely made my day!

Describe your personal style:
I would just describe my style as a reflection of me. I like bright colors but also just classic neutrals. It definitely depends on the weather and my mood as to what I’m inspired to wear that day. I love to accessorize and finish off a simple look with some fun pieces!

Our customers love Krystle! Read their testimonials below:

“I got to work with Krystle and she was amazing!! She was so helpful and really took the time to listen to what was working and wasn’t working for me with each of the dresses. She stayed really positive and never tried to pressure me to buy anything! The store is beautiful and really helps make you feel like you matter with your own fitting room suite. I’m so glad we made the trip to Portland to go to this store for my wedding dress!”

“The moment we stepped into the shop we were warmly greeted, accommodated and made to feel special despite there not being an apt available. They quickly scheduled us to return the next morning and Krystle was an amazing consultant. She was patient, kind, and found me the most beautiful dress. The suites they have are beautiful, as is the store itself. The price point is perfect- enough for a great dress without blowing any budget. While I have no yet received my dress, I very much look forward to working with them later this summer!”


Senior Bridal Stylist

About Kelly:
I attended Oregon State University where I studied Apparel Design, I have also taken design courses at the Art Institute of Portland. Ever since I was little I have had such a fascination with everything bridal. I have always loved seeing all of the beautiful gowns, and love the whole process of putting a wedding together. When the opportunity arose for a position at The White Dress, I knew I had to have it! In my off time, I love to bake and spend quality time with my friends and family.

What do you love most about being a Bridal Stylist?
What I love most about being a Bridal Stylist is how rewarding the job is! I get so much joy watching the brides find their dress. To know that I helped them find their dream dress for one of the biggest days of their life makes me so happy everyday!

Describe a memorable moment with a bride:
One moment that has really stuck with me was with one of my first brides. We found a dress that she really loved so we came out to the showroom for a better look in the big mirror. When we got to the showroom a song came on and she started to cry. At first I didn’t know if they were happy tears or sad tears but she shared with me that her former fiance had passed away and that was going to be their song. She heard it on the way to the appointment and now in that dress. She took it as a sign from him that she had found the dress! It was a beautiful moment that had everyone in tears and it has stuck with me ever since.

Describe your personal style:
I would describe my personal style as less is more. I’m a minimalist when it comes to style but I love to add a pop of color or a really fun necklace for just the right amount of interest!

Our Customers love Kelly! Read their testimonials below:

“The White Dress was the first bridal salon that I went to and I found the perfect dress thanks to Kelly. I never imagined that I would find a dress so fast but with her help it was fun and relaxing. She was amazing! Not to mention that the salon is beautiful and all of the ladies working there were very friendly. I felt welcome from the moment I stepped through the door until the time I left. I even received a sweet card in the mail from Kelly when I got home. It made my day! I already can’t wait to go back and pick up my dress.”

“Kelly was AMAZING! Dress shopping for me is like daunting! It takes me forever to find even a LBD! So when the time came to find my wedding dress I was very nervous and skeptical that I would find anything that I even liked…. I made many calls to many shops and boutiques in PDX, and decided to give this one a try. My girls and I were greeted with champagne and smiles when we walked in the door. I knew what style of dress I wanted and my budget. I let Kelly know and she showed us to our private room. This place is glam and glitz! Beautiful chandeliers and big rooms with cozy seating. Not like the big retail wedding dress stores where your fitting room is a tiny box! After a short personal chat with Kelly, she showed us the dresses. They were all hung and organized by style of dress. We started to pick out dresses and Kelly let me know that any dress can be altered to my vision! Really?! I did not want a poofy ballgown, or strapless… I wanted a sheath style with wide straps/small cap sleeve. I ended up picking a dress that was the complete opposite! Now the trying on of the dresses… I was skeptical on how they could make these ” just off the rack” dresses fit into my curvaceous big booty shape. But Kelly was amazing and fit every dress onto me with clips and gadgets they have. She really is amazing, and made me feel very comfortable as she was putting the dresses on me. Not once did I feel awkard in front of her. After you have the dress on, you can show your girls and stand on the little box they have to get the full effect of your dress. Unfortunately, the designers have a policy of no photos unless you say yes to the dress, then you can take all the photos you want.. The last dress I tried on was the big poofy strapless ball gown. I loved the corset tie back and all the beading/jewels on the side and across the bodice. My only issue was it was a ballgown with no straps 🙁 Kelly to the rescue! She said they can alter the dress to my liking, she brought out 3 styles of straps and pinned them on, and also said they can take out all the poofy lining so it would lay nice and flat against my shape. She even took some of that lining and pulled it back to I could see a close enough effect of what the dress would look like. That was my dress!!! I ordered my dress and can’t wait for it to come in next month! I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone shopping for their wedding dress, she is a miracle worker and super sweet person. I probably would have never found my dress if it weren’t for her and letting me know about all the alternations they can do!”


Senior Bridal Stylist, Media and Events Coordinator

About Nancy:
I am a Portland Native with a big heart for the Pacific NW! When I’m not helping a bride find the dress of her dreams, you can usually find me seeking my next adventure with my Alaskan Malamute! Catch us hiking the Columbia River Gorge, or strolling the sandy beaches of the Oregon Coast, rain or shine we love all the Pacific NW has to offer!

It has always been a goal of mine to make everything around me beautiful and that is what brought me to The White Dress and there isn’t any other setting more perfect than this to do just that! I enjoy art, fashion, photography. I truly love every opportunity to take out my camera, but in the mean time I enjoy posting some of my families favorite moments on Instagram!

What do you love most about being a Bridal Stylist?
Every bride is different and every bride has their own unique style! I love having the opportunity throughout every appointment to get to know the bride and I love hearing about her wedding plans and ideas that are special to her for her big day! I would have to say what I love most is being apart of her journey and knowing that I was apart of her complete look! When a bride steps into her gown on her big day, it’s the most rewarding feeling knowing that she remembers who helped her find the perfect dress to say I DO in! It’s even more rewarding when you see how happy and overwhelmed with excitement she is in her photos! I love seeing the completed look and the captured smiles and laughter that she will have the opportunity of cherishing 20 years from now!

Describe a memorable moment with a bride:
I had the pleasure of helping bride Stacy find the perfect dress to say I DO in! During her appointment she told me her story about getting separated from her high school sweetheart only to reconnect with him later in life as adults! After all these years it was so surreal to her that she was finally going to marry the man she had been in love with since she was a teenager , a day she had only ever dreamt about! We finally narrowed it down to the final gown and she turned to me and asked “Nancy, are you sure this is what I’m supposed to marry the man of my dreams in?” Asking me if it was good enough, I looked right at her and saw the unconditional love she has for this man filling in her eyes and told her that he will love her no matter what she chooses! Stacy cried, I cried, her friend cried and she knew that this was the dress she had always visioned herself in all those years!

Describe your personal style:
My style is simple and down to earth mixed with the perfect combination of classic and chic! I tend to gravitate towards anything comfortable! If you open my closet you would find an array of cozy oversized sweaters covered in unique patterns! I love organic colors such as lavender and sage but also love neutrals such as gray!

Our Customers love Nancy! Read their testimonials below:

Elise C.
Nancy was my stylist- she listened to everything that I was looking for and treated me with tons of patience. Being paired with her is what made the experience to be such an uplifting one. She made me feel comfortable at all times – which is saying a lot when someone is helping you in and out of clothing!! She is very knowledgeable in each of the designers and can give expert advice. Plus she has the sweetest personality!!

Mia R.
I worked with Nancy, who is a GEM! She was very patient with me and honest about when something wasn’t working. She helped me figure out what sorts of dress styles would be flattering but also work with what I was looking for. She was so sweet and supportive the whole time: unfortunately, my family and a couple of my closest friends were unable to come with me to my dress trial. I was pretty bummed about it, but I never felt that I “missed” any part of the dress experience. The moment I tried on The Dress(!!), Nancy and I both knew it was the one. She was so excited for me, and it was very sweet. I am so grateful for all of her help!