The Lace Chase!

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When it comes to wedding gowns almost every bride wants that classic dress while maintaining personal style and taste. This is a feat for most brides! But an easy way to incorporate both bridal gown objectives is to look for lace! At The White Dress we feature an array of designers who use lace in many of their designs. Lace adds romance, innocence and of course sensuality. Innocent sensuality? Yes I said it! When wearing a bridal gown you want to feel desired but you also want to make your family tear up as they watch their once little girl walk down the aisle towards the love of her life. It’s a beautiful image where lace encapsulates the sentiment. Some of our favorite lace looks are from Mikaella who is able to masterfully incorporate all over lace looks in her designs while still bringing the modern take that today’s bride is looking for. Another designer who uses lace we love is Martina Liana who uses lace touches and accents to add that extra special detail on to what would already be a special dress. So I think it’s safe to say you can end your lace chase at The White Dress!