Tips for an easy breezy wedding day!

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There are a million and one things to think about on your actual Wedding day, so rushing around with all the last minute details not only leaves you overwhelmed and stressed but can cause “OOPS events”. Wedding day rush is common, yet so unnecessary. The White Dress has provided these tips for an easy, breezy Wedding day.

~Stay Healthy
First and foremost stay healthy! It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race, but it’s no excuse for bad eating habits! Eating bad or not at all can be a nightmare on your Wedding Day! Make sure you are drinking lots of water (add fruit to surprise your tastebuds!). Great eating habits will help reduce anxiety and make your day go much smoother. Drinking plenty of water, avoiding sodium-filled foods, and adding fresh options to your diet will ensure that you are not bloated on your big day.

~Bride Assistant
Make someone outside of your bridal party you for the day! Your Maid of honor will be busy keeping you happy, fed and on schedule. If you do not have a wedding planner then clue in Mom, Cousin or a close friend on what you want and how you want it. Make sure they are there on site and ready to completely help vendors set up and to make judgment calls on your behalf.

~Wedding Day Emergency Kit
Come Prepared with a kit filled with these essential items:
*Sewing kit for accidental rips!
*Clear nail polish for runs in nylons, and even an Extra pair of nylons for good measure,
*Aspirin, ‘cause let’s face it someone is bound to get a headache!
*Band-Aids for cuts and scrapes
*Shout Wipes for spills and slip ups
*Straws, no one wants smudged lipstick!
* Makeup touch up kit
*Mini mirror for on the go
*Tampons/Sanitary Napkins
*Breath Mints
* Power bar for when you get hungry!

~Make up dos and dont’s
No matter who is doing your makeup, do a trial run! Not running through your Wedding Day look can lead to tears and regret. Make sure you plan in advance to go over look options and to have it done as many times as it takes until it’s perfect and ready to go smoothly for your Wedding Day. Once your make up is done on your day make sure you are drinking out of straws to avoid smudges. The White Dress recommends that you STEP INTO your gown to avoid makeup messes on that beautiful light colored gown! Make sure everyone helping you into your gown washes their hands before handling the delicate fabric. Having tan finger prints and lip prints on your beautiful gown has yet to come into style.
Spray tanning… avoid it! However, if it’s necessary make sure you allow 48 hours to pass and a few showers after tanning before your day. Make sure it’s well set in before climbing into that gown to avoid the dreaded golden streaks on the fabric.

Last but not least, relax! This day is for you and your partner. It’s what you have been so meticulously planning and waiting for and before you know it everything will be over and the day will pass. Make sure you have a comfortable shoe option for your reception as things wind down and the dancing has begun. Remember it is okay to slowly make your way around the room to say hello to all your wonderful guests. They all understand you cannot be in a hundred places at once. Take time for each other, your love is what’s being celebrated here! Make sure you take advantage of every single photo opportunity, dance offers and take deep breaths and enjoy every moment. Remember you are so beautiful, blessed and, loved!

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